Cool Down With This Refreshing Mint & Avocado Green Smoothie


Hi Guys! So today is my first completed week of my detox diet! (If you're new to my blog, your can read more about it here) I've completed 25% of the program and I'm so proud! Although I can't say I feel top notch, not yet anyway. I have a pretty bad headache and my energy is low. I'm hoping it's because of the detox process that's happening and hopefully, I'm going to feel much better in just a couple of days. I'll keep you posted! 


Yesterday, I made this delicious smoothie for breakfast (+2 hard boiled eggs). It's a heatwave in L.A. at the moment and I'm craving more of a liquid diet. Smoothies are a great way to incorporate nutritious veggies & vitamins with not much effort! Here is one of my favorites, a refreshing mint & avocado green smoothie.



Pineapple (freeze them so the smoothie gets extra cold)







Apple Juice (make sure is not from concentrate

Put desired amount of each ingredient in a blender, I use this one from Ninja and blend away until smooth. Enjoy as a snack breakfast!


If you don't have any frozen pineapple or banana, just add some ice. I didn't list how much of each ingredient because it all depends on how many servings you're making. Also, the taste is a personal preferance. I personally like to add more of the banana and just a tiny bit of ginger it doesn't overwhelm the overall taste.

The mint adds a very fresh and summery flavor!
If you want more green smoothie inspiration and recipes check out this link. xo, Alia