No Tox Life - A natural deodorant

No Tox Life Deodorant
No Tox Life Natural Deodorant

Every Sunday there is a market called the Melrose Trading Post, which just so happens to be around the corner from my house. We have made a tradition out of always getting up early(ish) and make our way over when they open the gates at 9am. It's a great place to make cute vintage finds for your home or buy cool clothing (they have a whole tent with vintage Levi's Denim!). The market is also an opportunity for local small business to get noticed.   It smelled so darn good and I honestly didn't have too high hopes of it being very effective. BUT, guess what, - I was wrong. I works, and it works GOOD. I was so exited so I went over today and picked up another one (we all know how hard it is to find a good natural deodorant). Lucky for you, they have a website with their whole product range, so you better click your way over and get one of these babies. My favorite scents are: Earl Grey & Bay Leaf, Fresh Fig, and Anjou Pear - but they all smell amazing, trust me. x Alia