3 Great Eye Care Products You Need To Know About

3 great eye care products

I've had a pretty solid skincare routine since my early twenties. I'm convinced that it is a major part of why my skin still looks great at 34! Many people raise their brows when I tell them that I've been using eye creams since I was 22. It's called being proactive people, and guess what, It works! But no matter if you're a skincare junkie or not, it's never too late to start, and the sensitive eye area is a good place to pay extra attention to if you're my age. I wanted to show you 3 great eye care products, all three with different benefits so you can decide what would be the best fit for your needs.


An eye cream is an oil ingredient that’s suspended in a water vehicle that’s loaded with active ingredients that are gentle enough so they don’t irritate the delicate eye area. This one from Kate Somerville is amazing and does a really good job smoothing out the skin and brightening the eye area. Since creams provide a healthy level of hydration and can feel a bit on the heavier side, you should use this if you have normal to dry skin. I prefer using creams at nighttime or when I'm in colder climates.


Eye gels are typically full of non-oily substances like silicone suspended in water, and active ingredients that fight fine lines and sagging. If your complexion leans on the oily side, or you know you’re going to be sweating in the sun all day, I suggest dabbing on an eye gel in the morning after you've applied your face cream/serum etc. My favorite gel is this one from Ole Henriksen. Gels not only minimizes current signs of aging and prevents future ones from forming, it’s also a refreshing treat for puffy, tired eyes.


Now, this is my favorite formula of all three. If you're familiar with serums in general, you know that they sink in to the skin super quickly. The great thing about serums is that they tend to penetrate down to a deeper lever of the dermis and not only affect the surface of your skin. At the moment, this one from Korres is what I use on a daily basis and if I feel extra dry (during the winter months) I apply a gel or cream over it.

PRO TIP: Put your eye care products in the fridge during the hot, summer months! It's going to help de-puff the under eye area even more!

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